Multiple Income Creation Workshop


YES! It really is possible to build a thriving business doing what you LOVE! Find out how in my 3 hour Multiple Income Creation Workshop and learn how to monetize your knowledge, passion and gifts! This was a paid workshop, but it's yours FREE as my gift to you!


Multiple Income Creation Workshop is for business owners to create more wealth and freedom!

I really believe that no matter what type of business you’re in, there’s an opportunity to create additional revenue source.


This is important because…

  • Some business can be seasonal, and you want to ensure consistent cash flow
  • Important to diversify and have different opportunities to make money
  • Create more time and freedom
  • Create wealth faster


This is why I am SUPER excited to bring to you a workshop that shows you different ways of adding incremental income to your business. I’ll show you obvious and popular methods people are using to build wealth, in addition to others that may be unique to your business.
"Wow this class was so amazing. I highly recommend it to everyone. You got so much information to help you succeed. I'm so motivated and empowered. Thank you Uchechi Ezurike-Bosse. You are one amazing teacher."
~ Karen Sharp Mcintosh - Founder of LUBU Make-Up
What you’ll get…
During the workshop, I’ll teach you different methods and opportunities that you can take advantage of immediately to add incremental and passive income to your business.
You'll also learn...
  • All about the power of Amazon, and how individuals just like you are replacing their full-time income using Amazon, and so much more
  • Execution and delivery strategies to get you started and help you turn your ideas into concrete income
  • Special considerations to help you succeed
  • Receive a checklist of my favourite tools and resources to execute and launch your opportunities
"WOW, what an incredible workshop. If Uchechi Ezurike-Bosse offers this again, jump on it. My brain is overflowing with infinite possibility after this. Thanks Uchechi!"
~ Barb Takeda - Founder of Soul-Full Expressions and Create Your Exceptional Life Events